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Month: October 2004

The Full Vermonty

I now belong to BU’s best club:  The Freedom Van Riders.

This last weekend, we took a van and cruised all over Vermont in search of food, drink, and debauchery.   (There might have also been some petty political-sign theftage…but hey, it comes with the club)  You can check out all the pictures in the photo album, and there will be some food reviews comin up soon.  Right now I’m gettin some midterm-related-work done.

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Schwing? Ming!

You guys remember Cate?

Good.  Now let me introduce Sammy; an excellent friend of mine (and partner in dining-crime) at BU.  Meet Sammy:


Since we’re all acquainted, I’ll start with the storytime.

After an epic hour long journey between cars, taxis and chauffeured town cars, my parents, Sammy and her mother and I finally made it to Blue Ginger.

For those of you who don’t know; Blue Ginger is Ming Tsai’s flagship restaurant in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  Mapquest will attempt to woo you with it’s sweet lies, reporting a a quick, 20 minute drive.  That doesn’t account for rained-out Sox/Yankees games and pouring down rain.

After getting the Ritz concierge to talk to the hostess (Sammy’s mother, who I greatly enjoyed finally talking to, was staying at the Ritz), we arrived for our promptly at 9:00 for our 8:15 reservation.

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