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Month: June 2006

College Cooking Class

During the school year, two days a week I drag my booze-riddled, sleep-deprived brain off the pillow at around 6:55 AM, put shoes on and head out into the wonderful (year-round, I hear) Boston weather.  After a quick stop at Shaw’s to meet up with my fellow TA, George, we plod into the still empty and (hopefully) cool BU SHA kitchen.


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I am alive and well.

To all of those who find this seemingly-abandoned site in wild, late night google searches, I am here to inform you that the author is not, in fact, "late."  You know, late like dead?  It’s a threat you see.

Oh, nevermind.

I’ve had lots of time in the last year to do some serious thinking, and I believe it is about that time again.

Gentleman gourmand may be returning.  Don’t go anywhere.  (Until you get hungry, in which case you are permitted to prepare yourself some delicious food.)

The Gentleman Gourmand


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