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A wonderful video of Alinea – Grant Achatz’s new masterpiece-theater-cum-restaurant in Chicago.

db – bistro moderne

db bistro moderne – unedited, uncropped, and unspoken (pre-theater rush!)


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Sushi Yasuda

If you want to learn 1) how to eat sushi and 2) what good sushi is: make your way to 204 East 43rd Street, New York City.  Look for this sign:


Arrange to sit at the sushi bar, either in front of Yasuda himself or any of his other sushi masters, and simply ask to be fed.


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Delectible sangria at Meigas in Norwalk.  The meal that followed was not only as good as I expected, but better than I’d hoped.  Menu descriptions for now — in depth dissertations later.

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Thomas Henkelmann: A Birthday Photo Review

Tonight (December 26th, 2006), was Cynthia Gates Baber’s (my mom’s) 50th birthday.  To celebrate such an auspicious occasion, we decided to dine at the best restaurant between NYC and Boston.

It was outstanding.


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Ho Ho Ho. . .some photos to go….(merry christmas!)

Well, I’ve been having a very merry (and rainy) holiday so far.  The gods of Christmas were quite kind this year and bestowed upon me a wonderful new Canon Rebel Xti.  Hopefully at some point I’ll actually learn to use it correctly, but until then, let the amateur pics reign free!


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Hungry Detective: Boston


Set your DVRs and Tivo’s and VCRs and brains….braaaaains!
Err, sorry; got carried away.

East Coast Grill; Hell Night (Seriously)

A buddy of mine who works at East Coast Grill had been hounding me for months to give Hell Night a try at ECG.  He knew about my weakness for hotter-than-hades peppers and the like, and encouraged me to get a reservation.  Hell Night is basically a niche-market promotion/party/sweatfest that encourages diners to eat some really, really spicy food.

About a week ago, he mentioned to me that a couple early tables were still available for this go-round and I decided to give it a shot.  After checking out some reviews of the hell pasta and insane drinks (one guy passed out on the way to the bathroom after taking a nuclear tequila shot — scotch bonnet peppers left in a vat of jose cuervo for a week), we decided that proper attire would be in order.


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Statement on the ‘new cookery’

This is the
international agenda for great cooking written by Ferran Adria of El
Bulli, Heston Blumenthal of the Fat Duck, Thomas Keller of the French
Laundry and Per Se, and writer Harold McGee.

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Still working on the East Coast Grill review.  Until then, check out these great Daniel videos from LX TV.

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