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Month: December 2006 (Page 2 of 2)

East Coast Grill; Hell Night



Review coming….after lunch.

Behind the scenes at Hungry Detective

Holla. It’s Swizzle. I’m a BU student, and a good friend of the
Gentleman Gourmand.  I’m bloggin baby!  When Andrew told me that Chris
Cognac asked him to appear on an episode of “The Hungry Detective” I
was in disbelief.  Fantasies about living a ballin’ entourage-style
life swirled around in my brain; we’d soon be getting drinks with Tony
Bourdain, then hitting the clubs with Giada and Rachel. Ahh…

Hey!  We need to shoot the scene first!  Then I can become Andrew’s
spiritual advisor when he’s a huge Food Network star.  I mean, why do
you think Snoop keeps Bishop Don Magic Juan around? Andrew knows what
I’m sayin… Andrew?

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