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Month: February 2007 (Page 1 of 2)

Super Fusion Cuisine Photo Review.

So I called up Super Fusion Cuisine this evening, looking to score some affordable sushi and get some more stock photos.


Lara and I sat at the bar and ordered some of the dishes off the new menu plus a few old favorites.


Air Force One Roll – Super Fusion Cuisine, Brookline MA


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Lumiere – Charcuterie Mecanoque






"The "first" sci-fi film was made by the Lumiere brothers themselves. Named Charcuterie Mecanique, it’s a 50 second short about a machine: you put the pig in one side, and the sausage, ham, etc. comes out the other! As such a machine still doesn’t exist, it could righteously qualify as the first sci-fi film." –The Edge of the Internet

Eastern Standard Video Shoot

So we shot an hours worth of footage for my video production class yesterday at Eastern Standard.

Expect to see the finished 5-6 minute piece soon.

Until then, please enjoy these pics, taken with my new macro lens!



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BU SHA HF 422 HDR (Roasting and Bag-Baking)


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More Mary Chung’s HDR

Happy Chinese New Year!

Went to Mary Chung’s today, as usual, and was greeted with a dragon-dance-celebration thing.

It was pretty exciting, especially when they threw down firecrackers and scared the bejezus out of the little kids that were watching.


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GGOR 2: Freakin Awesome Burger

Go to the store.

Standard Ingredients:
Buy some 85% ground beef.  (1-2 lbs…how hungry are you?)

Some onions, some tomatoes, some buns.  (And make sure you have salt, pepper, soy sauce, dried herbs {in my case, rosemary}, and some chipotle sauce)

Non-Standard Ingredients:
Humbolt Fog Goat Cheese
Roasted Garlic and Onion Jam

Now, heat up a pan for a few minutes so that when you add your olive oil it starts to smoke.

Take your ground beef and add a buncha salt, pepper, soy and your herbs.  Mix well and form half inch thick patties.  (It’s burgers people, you’ve done this before.)

Sear the burgers on both sides {DO NOT PRESS THEM DOWN, just let ’em cook by their lonesomes}.

Slice your tomatoes and saute your onions.

Toast your buns {I like to squish them down}.

Spread some of the garlic/onion jam on the bun bottoms, place rare burgers on said jam.

Top with goat cheese.  Layer onions and tomatoes.


Anti-Valentines Evening at Eastern Standard (aka…where do you work?)

Yesterday was Valentines day.  To those of you who had a wonderful evening of swooning, gazing into someones eyes, and nibbling on chocolates — here’s what I have to say to you:


You missed out on the second annual, rock-your-face-off ANTI-Valentines party at Eastern Standard.

Allow me to set the scene for you.

Boston, Feb 14th: 5AM — Snow becomes hail.  1 PM — Hail becomes rain.  9 PM — Rain becomes ice (a half inch on everything).  10:30 PM — ES party begins.

Upon entering from the patio (in order to collect email addresses for a seemingly non-existent "raffle," and allow the once-a-year bouncer to get a good look at you), you are directed inside past three of the four bars of the night.  To your right, the wine bar.  Straight ahead, the punch bar, and to the left, a mini-cocktail bar.  Every table and chair in the restaurant is missing, and people are everywhere.  The private dining room is suspiciously napkined-off (later discovered to be a Twister! room) and servers are circling with 50’s-style TV dinner food consisting of tripe sloppy joes, fish sticks and chili fries.  Twenty dollars bought you five (5! 1+1+1+1+1) drinks!  People are everywhere, and the live band (another rarity — featuring for-one-song-only — Jackson!) is in full swing.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest.


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BU SHA HF 422 HDR (Fish and Chips Day!)


Shrimp Spring Rolls


Fish ‘n Chips

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Food TV these days

This was posted over on the eGullet forums by the user "project", and I thought it was worthy of reposting.

Net, so far, in practice, in the US, if it passes through a
motion picture camera, then nearly always it has to be from
the I Love Lucy crowd.  Yes, in Jurassic Park,
Spielberg got the DNA science okay, but he is a rare

News?  The same.  Food?  The same.  Sports?  The same.
Science?  The same.  That crowd has only a hammer and
sees nearly everything as a nail.  E.g., science programs are
nearly never about the science but all about the drama
that can be contrived — geology becomes the violence of
volcanoes, the weather becomes the threat of hurricanes,
tornadoes, and global warming, ecology and nature become the
rape of nature by evil humans, planetary motion becomes the
risk of a "global killer" asteroid, rocket engineering becomes
"Will they all be killed in a big explosion?", etc.

Endless, pointless, useless, worthless,

dra ra ra ra ra ra-ra ra ra-ra ma ma ma ma-ma ma-ma ma-ma


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Thomas Keller Visits BUSHA


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