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22 Two’s – Jay-Z

NEWS FLASH: More people joining the fun remixes!

So, this is my attempt at being as cool as the Amateur Gourmet, what with his Thursday Night Dinner songs (but I’m not going to sing mine!).

This wont make sense unless you know Jay-Z – 22 Two’s. But, um, don’t download it illegally or anything.

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Can I Cook It?
<< Yes You Can >> Repeat 3x

Too Much Rump Roast Slop Slingin And Too Many Amateurs On A Mission
Doin Your Best GG Rendition
Too Many Rough Headwaiters I Got My Suspicions
That You’re Just Smilin To Pull Up Tips, Rookie, Listen
Too Many Bussers Wanna Be Servers So If You A Cook
I’ma Call You A Cook Too Many Grillers Are Shady
Too Many Purveyors Give These Kitchens Too Many Chances
Too Many Hosts Wannabe Captains Don’t Know What Finance Is
Too Many Barbacks Stuck Up From Too Many Alcohol Advances
No Question GG Got Too Many Answers
I Been Around This Shop Too Many Times
Stocked Too Much Prime Cooked Too Many Lines Too
To All My Preppers It Ain’t Too Late To Come Together
Cause Too Much Smack And Too Much Shove Equal Pink Paper
I Don’t Follow Any Guidelines Cause Too Many Folks Tried Mine
So I Change Styles Every Two Times Hah What The Duck.
That’s 22 Too’s For Y’all Bloggers Out There Yaknahmean
Shall I Continue To Cook It Out? What …

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Tomato soup, eyeballed.



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    i hate you.

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