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A Serious Discussion

We need to have a talk. A serious one.

About… knives.

I don’t consider myself a knife expert. I know how to cut things and not cut myself. I know how to care for them, how to clean them, and how to keep them sharp.

I have sort of a mish mash of different types of knives. I have a Wusthof Santoku knife, a set of Henckels Professional “S” 5 Stars, and a Shun paring knife.


I used to use my Henckels 8″ chefs knife for everything, but recently, my Santoku have been taking over.

It’s so rediculously sharp, so incredibly light, and so damn awesome I just can’t justify using my thick, heavy chefs knife for much more than heavy chopping (like the left hand of thieves).

Lets discuss knife care:

1) Always keep your knives clean.
2) Never put a knife away wet.
3) Never put a knife in a dishwasher, and never leave it in the sink.

Actually, on second thought I have decided to refer you to the eGCI (the eGullet Culinary Institute) to get some professional advice.

While I know some of you will not try the sharpening, please heed the other advice. It’s really important.

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