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Aceto Balsamico di “Addictivo”

I have become hopelessly addicted to Balsamic Vinegar.

It started a few years ago, mopping it up with bread. Then I moved on to eating the really good stuff on parmigiano cheese. Then, when we took a trip to Italy last summer, I bought damn near $200 worth, including the $1 / MILILITER “Aceto Balsamico Traditional di Modena Extra Vecchio.” That literally translates to: “Liquid Crack.”

This summer, I must have consumed damn near a bottle by myself. This stuff is dangerous, though, I could be addicted to worse things. I feel that this is a healthier addiction than one to, say, mayonnaise.


See that liquid running down the bottle? It’s my tears. Balsamic tears for the empty vessel.

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Must…have….waffle house……graghhh…….

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  1. Jnet

    …but oh, balsamic vinegar is so good. especially with olive oil and some freshly cracked black pepper, mopped up with yummy crusty bread.
    what could be yummier?

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