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Best mini vacation, ever.

So rather spur of the moment, I decided on thursday to take off for Rome and Sorrento.

The next morning, I packed up my things at 6:30 AM, and headed tromping down the hill. I got exactly halfway down the mountain, and realized I had forgotten my sandals. I went back, grudgingly.

I left my bag on the hill, and some hooligans almost stole it. (Who knew hooligans were {still?} up at 6:30.)

Other than that mild dilemma, the rest of the journey was uneventful. I arrived in the ancient city around 11, and promptly enjoyed the culinary pleasure that is known as “cheap Chinese food.”

I took no pictures.

My hotel, the Westin Excelsior, was phenomenal. Right on the Via Veneto, I actually happened to be literally on the same block as Cate’s hotel, the Grand Rose Palace. This is where we started our two-day adventure continuation (she had stayed at the castle for a few days just before, and was happy to see me again. At least she pretended well.)

Sorting through my pictures recalls some great memories. Most importantly, I discovered a great new beer. “La Biere du Demone” advertised as “la biere blonde la plus forte du monde.” I believe it. This beer is a heavy hitter at 12% ABV. Most beers are 4-6%. Plus, it actually tasted amazing. I said that it tasted sweet. Cate said it tasted “floral.” Man rules dictate that I call it “girthy.” Wait, no… “freakin awesome.”


What I neglected to take a picture of, was when I was discovering this awesome beer, we met a Swedish backpacker by the name of Annie. Which reminded me of Ann (my friend who is currently stranded in Vienna). Except, I think I liked Annie better.

Je blague, Ann.

So anyway, Annie was a backpacker. She was waiting for the train to go somewhere or other. That’s about all there is to say about that.

So Cate and I ended up spending some time at the Spanish Steps at night, which proved to be a good decision. There was a multitude of people sitting around, and about two (bakers) dozen guys with guitars striking up soulful (mostly American) tunes.

Beware: If an annoying man offers you a “free” flower anywhere in Rome, don’t take it. He’ll come back 60 seconds later and demand a Euro, and try to make you buy the rest.

You have no idea how many of them I had to punt into the fountain.

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  1. cate

    I heart you, Baber. However, you managed to glaringly omit the highlights of our trip, such as the exposed live wires in your light fixture at the Excelsior, the fact that you insulted Annie thinking that she didn’t speak english, and that portly waiter that stood on your foot. I wish that I could go back to Italy, if only to use the correct pronunciation of that elusive explative… Aye me. Ciao!

  2. 1) Exposed live wires – totally complained at checkout.
    2) Annie – I sincerely apologize, Annie.
    3) Portly waiter – vaffanculo.

  3. cate

    good times, good times.

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