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Breakfast of Champions!

As usual, right after half an hour of strecthing, my morning jog and two hour meditation, I ease my way into the day by tucking into a bit of sevruga caviar on toast points with farm-fresh chicken eggs.


I round off my routine with a game of chess and a long walk on the beach….

….and by around two I’m ready to start my day.

Except not.

I had the opportunity to polish off a shockingly large tin of sevruga caviar this morning, and it was a hilarious experience.  It was going to go bad — and we had to finish the tin.

Got some good shots of them, lemme know which one you like better — I’ve got a bunch more like em.



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  1. LOL
    the caviar looks good

  2. It was shockingly good considering the point of origin…..Georgia! (The state, not the country)
    Who woulda guessed?

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