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HF 120 Final Pics, not HDR but lovely flash


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Learning Flash Photography, bear with me.

Shooting with a Sunpak 4000 AF (non TTL, basically guess work, and frustrating when it takes 20 seconds for the flash to recharge)

Hope you like em.


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More Mary Chung’s HDR

Happy Chinese New Year!

Went to Mary Chung’s today, as usual, and was greeted with a dragon-dance-celebration thing.

It was pretty exciting, especially when they threw down firecrackers and scared the bejezus out of the little kids that were watching.


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HDR Food Imaging — The Beginnings

HDRI – High Dynamic Range Imaging is the wave of the future.  Here’s what it means: you take three different exposures of the same scene, then combine them into an image that looks more realistic than any one image a camera can capture.

This has some amazing potential for not just standard photography (portraits, landscapes etc), but really makes food look amazing.

I have started experimenting with it — let me know what you think!


Yum Nuea Salad at Dok Bua, Brookline

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