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Best mini vacation, ever.

So rather spur of the moment, I decided on thursday to take off for Rome and Sorrento.

The next morning, I packed up my things at 6:30 AM, and headed tromping down the hill. I got exactly halfway down the mountain, and realized I had forgotten my sandals. I went back, grudgingly.

I left my bag on the hill, and some hooligans almost stole it. (Who knew hooligans were {still?} up at 6:30.)

Other than that mild dilemma, the rest of the journey was uneventful. I arrived in the ancient city around 11, and promptly enjoyed the culinary pleasure that is known as “cheap Chinese food.”

I took no pictures.

My hotel, the Westin Excelsior, was phenomenal. Right on the Via Veneto, I actually happened to be literally on the same block as Cate’s hotel, the Grand Rose Palace. This is where we started our two-day adventure continuation (she had stayed at the castle for a few days just before, and was happy to see me again. At least she pretended well.)

Sorting through my pictures recalls some great memories. Most importantly, I discovered a great new beer. “La Biere du Demone” advertised as “la biere blonde la plus forte du monde.” I believe it. This beer is a heavy hitter at 12% ABV. Most beers are 4-6%. Plus, it actually tasted amazing. I said that it tasted sweet. Cate said it tasted “floral.” Man rules dictate that I call it “girthy.” Wait, no… “freakin awesome.”


What I neglected to take a picture of, was when I was discovering this awesome beer, we met a Swedish backpacker by the name of Annie. Which reminded me of Ann (my friend who is currently stranded in Vienna). Except, I think I liked Annie better.

Je blague, Ann.

So anyway, Annie was a backpacker. She was waiting for the train to go somewhere or other. That’s about all there is to say about that.

So Cate and I ended up spending some time at the Spanish Steps at night, which proved to be a good decision. There was a multitude of people sitting around, and about two (bakers) dozen guys with guitars striking up soulful (mostly American) tunes.

Beware: If an annoying man offers you a “free” flower anywhere in Rome, don’t take it. He’ll come back 60 seconds later and demand a Euro, and try to make you buy the rest.

You have no idea how many of them I had to punt into the fountain.

Dinner party

Monday night I watched Italy vs Denmark football.

It ended 0-0. Boo.

Then we had dinner and drank lots of beer. (Drank lots of beer during the game too…)


From left to right: (1)Our host, the next door neighbor of (2)Donatella and (3)Luca, and (4)Michael, a Hollywood sound mixer, who won an Oscar for sound editing in Master and Commander.

That is all.

A Journey to Roma…

Tonight I rest, for tomorrow I visit the ancient city of Rome.

Am I venturing to this ancient capital to see museums and culture?

Of course not; I’m going to see Harry Potter in English, and have lunch with our tour guide from last year, Carlo.

Updates to come tomorrow night. Get excited.

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