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A smattering of recent food photos

“Fouxgras” / Mockup/How not to cook


So, this dish tasted terrible because:

1) the produce was a few weeks old (but free)
2) I was going for visual effect
3) wow those leeks were abomonible (rich ate one and spit it in the trash)

Hope you enjoy the video anyway — I was tempted to speed it up a bit, but decided against it.


Single image HDR madness

these are crazy:




Hf423: bringing the studio to you!

well i brought my setup into class today — felt kinda goofy porting a mini reflective umbrella on the outside of my backpack, but it was worth it.

I got some more good experience with the flash, and even tried some flash-HDR (which shouldn’t really be different, but is…)

Anyway, here are the results:


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A Lesson in Plating (and dessert design) by Charlie Trotter

PBS: Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter

A Lesson in Expediting by Charlie Trotter

From PBS: Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter

Lumiere – Charcuterie Mecanoque






"The "first" sci-fi film was made by the Lumiere brothers themselves. Named Charcuterie Mecanique, it’s a 50 second short about a machine: you put the pig in one side, and the sausage, ham, etc. comes out the other! As such a machine still doesn’t exist, it could righteously qualify as the first sci-fi film." –The Edge of the Internet

Hungry Detective, Mary Chung – Cambridge

Featuring the Gentleman Gourmand (Andrew Baber)

More HDR food pics

Pics from Eastern Standard and Mary Chung using High Dynamic Range Imaging.


General Gao’s Chicken – Mary Chung’s, Cambridge

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“Where should we eat?” A Lesson In Food-Research

People ask this all the time.  "I’m hungry, where should I go to eat?"  They ask me, you, strangers
(hopefully),  and friends. This question comes with certain unspoken
rules.  The field must be narrowed: "ethnic" or american/french?
Casual or fancy?  Kid-friendly or tie-only?

Many times, the choice ends up being one of the old standards – the
pizza place around the corner, chinese delivery, with maybe a deli or
(god-forbid) a home cooked meal thrown in for good measure.

When you decide to go out, there are again regular choices that can be
made.  The steak place?  Sushi?  What about that bistro we go to. .
.it’s always good.

No bistro around you?  Hmm. . .

Can you get to Rye, NY and go to Ruby’s?  No?   Damn. . .

Well. . . can you get to Kenmore Square?  If you can, the most
constantly satisfying french-inspired american-spirited dining
experience in Boston is available to you.


Eastern Standard is the red-bannered bistro holding Kenmore together.
Located in the Hotel Commonwealth, and featuring the best bar in the
city, ES is guaranteed to impress.

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