I decided to finally write about, and post my list of top 10 ATL cheap, tasty food.
Without further ado…

1) Pho 79

This place is some of the cheapest Vietnamese food in Atlanta. While places like Nam are upscale and expensive, you can eat just as well for about $5 per person at Pho 79. I personally recommend the Spring rolls and the Basic Pho (beef stock soup with lots of tasty garnishes). Another favorite of mine is the thin sliced beef with chilies and onions.

2) Au Rendez Vous

The owners of Au Rendez-Vous are originally Vietnamese, recently Parisian, and now Atlantan. They serve French bistro style food for dirt cheap prices. It’s $13 for 2 courses (and its BYOB). The bouef bourgignoin is particularly delicious.

3) Publix Subs

If you haven’t tried one, do yourself a favor and go. They kick the crap out of Subway, Blimpie and any other chain sandwich shop. For $7 you can grab a large sandwich and a drink (or anything else you want, since you are in a grocery store…). My personal sub of choice is Cajun Turkey, Honey Ham, Provolone cheese, mayo, mustard, extra onions, lettuce, oil, extra vinegar and oregano. Most people don’t know that
you can request ANYTHING from out of the deli cabinet. Take advantage of this.

4) Tacqueria del Sol

Delicious tacos, cheap. That is all.

5) Pig-N-Chick

Really good ATL BBQ. If you want more info, check out John Kessler’s review.

6) Daddy D’z

Now this place, I crave whenever I’m out of A-town. It’s a tiny little place with good ole down south service. Your Coke (or iced tea, because you really shouldn’t be drinkin anything else) will come in a Styrofoam cup, and your food on a plastic plate. The food that’s on it is without a doubt going to be delicious. Once I asked where they got their cookies from, and my server yelled to the cook, “yo, whered these here cookies come from?” The reply? “Oh, my mom baked em yesterday.” Doesn’t get much better than that. Make sure you ask for the spicy sauce (which isn’t spicy, but is better.) Also, the cornbread is excellent.

7) Sons Place

Great cafeteria with amazing fried chicken and other “soul food”ish stuff, like okra, rice and beans, etc. All delicious. (And if I do recall, iced tea and water are the only available options.)

8) Fellinis

Where else can you get two large slices of excellent, thin, crispy pizza for under $5? My point exactly.

9) Hashaguchi Jr.

We used to eat here on a regular basis, but stopped going when other options popped up. I hadn’t been back in probably 5 years when a friend of mine told me it was one of his favorite places for lunch. We ended up going, and while it’s certainly not the best sushi in town, it is certainly a good deal. For lunch you can eat for $10 quite easily, and leave full. The rice bowls are very good as well (I haven’t ordered it for myself, but I pick what I want from my companions.)

10) Waffle House

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