So this Sunday was Angelica’s communion. We catered the lunch. And by lunch I really mean afternoon. We started serving little hors d’oeuvres at around 11 AM. We didnt serve the second dessert till 5:30 PM.


Phew. Long day.

We started with lots of little breads and pastries, which were unfortunately not photographed.

Once everyone came inside and sat down, we served the first course: Mini Quiches with vegetables.


Scrigno con Passa Sfoglia alle Verdure

Next, Pasta with Asparagus and Tomatoes


Tagliatellina con Asparagi e Pomodoro

After a slight pause, and half a dozen packets of saffron: Risotto with saffron, raddichio and pistachios (which was almost as good as her Lime risotto, the best risotto I have ever had):


Risotto zafferono e Pistaccaielle

I took a quick break to eat some extra Tagliatellina with porcini mushrooms and to send some out to my friend and her family who is staying here. We were supposed to be closed for lunch, but I worked it out so they could get some of the extra food, and make some extra for them as well.


Next up, a Rolled Turkey with somethingorother (didnt catch this, and its mostly illegible on the order sheet)


Finally, after the cake from the local bakery was served (and was amazing) with champagne, we served our own dessert: Semifreddo with Fruit Salad



Parfait di fruitte con semifreddo

Afterwards, Cate (my visiting friend) and I explored the olive grove right below the castle. It ended up being pretty awesome.



Then I took a nap.

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