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French-style oysters from a w0nderful Russian fish-purchaser

So after grabbing pickup from Dok Bua (best Thai in boston, amazingly 100 yards from my apartment) Lara and I stopped into Wulf’s fish market looking to buy some oysters.

While there, we were lucky enough to converse with a wonderful Russian woman who was having a fish mongered for her.

She offered us a recommendation for our oysters that turned out to be one of the most wonderful flavor/texture/experience combinations I have ever enjoyed.  She made sure that we were 21 first (it was all sort of hush-hush, really), and told us about this:


Could this oyster be more perfect?

5 oz fresh (good quality) horseradish
2 oz heinz katchup
2 oz organic ketchup
1 oz rancho gordo hot sauce
1 oz worchestershire
salt and pepper to taste

1 freshly shucked oyster *minimal hand-stabbing*

topped with lemon juice and ice cold grey goose.


serve with a pacifico beer:
mixed with 1 oz rancho gordo hot sauce
                      1 oz worchestershire
                        2 oz lime juice
                          salted rim

have a wonderful day.


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  1. Jonny K

    Thats a randy looking oyster.

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