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GGOR 2: Freakin Awesome Burger

Go to the store.

Standard Ingredients:
Buy some 85% ground beef.  (1-2 lbs…how hungry are you?)

Some onions, some tomatoes, some buns.  (And make sure you have salt, pepper, soy sauce, dried herbs {in my case, rosemary}, and some chipotle sauce)

Non-Standard Ingredients:
Humbolt Fog Goat Cheese
Roasted Garlic and Onion Jam

Now, heat up a pan for a few minutes so that when you add your olive oil it starts to smoke.

Take your ground beef and add a buncha salt, pepper, soy and your herbs.  Mix well and form half inch thick patties.  (It’s burgers people, you’ve done this before.)

Sear the burgers on both sides {DO NOT PRESS THEM DOWN, just let ’em cook by their lonesomes}.

Slice your tomatoes and saute your onions.

Toast your buns {I like to squish them down}.

Spread some of the garlic/onion jam on the bun bottoms, place rare burgers on said jam.

Top with goat cheese.  Layer onions and tomatoes.


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  1. K.Walters

    That burger almost made me cry tears of joy. Ballin.

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