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GGOR {Gentleman Gourmand Original Recipe}: “Real Ultimate Power Fusion Roll”

Step one: buy deep fryer.

Step two: use it enough for normal purposes to get slightly bored.

Step three: come up with the craziest from-the-fridge leftover-utilizing americanized "sushi" inspired thing you’ve ever seen.

Ladies and gentleman, I not-so-proudly present the Real Ultimate Power Fusion Roll:


Behold, and be fearful!  What you have before you is mushroom-kissed risotto wrapped around the flavored edges of not just honey ham, but deli-sliced buffalo chicken and provolone cheese.  The nori-replacement consists of the rectangular-cut slices of said honey ham and buffalo chicken.  Simply roll like maki, and then tempura fry.

K.Walters will summarize: "Dear Baber, this is K.walters’ stomach… what did you just make her eat? i think it had some risotto in it… I hate you."

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  1. Martin Parets

    Would it be too much trouble to get you to mail this to me?

  2. Only if you dedicate a website to it.

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