So, I have been attempting to contact all the folks on the list that I made (the pronunciation guide), and I sent out a bunch of emails.

Only about 6 hours after I sent them, I got a reply from none other than Ruth Reichl, one of my personal favorite food writers.

This was absolutely thrilling to me. I hope you can understand. Ruth Reichl used to be the editor for the food section of the New York Times, and now is the editor for Gourmet. This is bigtime stuff.

I feel as famous as AG! Well, maybe not, but I bet he doesn’t get emails from Ruth Reichl!

Heres what she said, for those who are curious (and I will be doing a full write-up later):

It’s more like rye-shel, but I can’t say it the way my German father did, which was with an r in the back of the throat.

When I first started writing I used to save envelopes with the various permutations of my name on them; my favorite was the one addressed to Ruth Raisehell.

And hell, I did include a link to this site in the email, so it’s possible that she read it. Now hows THAT for popular? Eh? Thats what I thought.

Everyone wave to her!

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