Todays lunch was very good. It was light, with just some bruscetta, a simple and delicious penne with just tomatoes and hot peppers, and “bistecca di pollo.” Now, this “bistecca” intrigued me, because bistecca is usually steak. It was the house specialty, and I decided to just go for it.

It was quite hot today (around 100 F), and this place has a coal fire going in the dining room. My bruscetta and chicken were both made on this coal grill. The bruscetta was good, but pretty normal, but this chicken, listen to me now, was some of the best “plain chicken” I’ve ever had.

Now, I’m an odd duck in the fact that I like burned bits of things, but this thing was utterly perfect.

It looked like it was the leg, with some breast meat sorta attached, but with no breast bones. The skin had rendered perfectly crispy, it was amazingly juicy, and it was just served with a bit of lime to squirt on yourself.


It was devine. (And it was just plain chicken!)


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