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So, I always associated Jagermeister with drunk college kids and Jagerbombs.


Evidently, it’s a respectable drink.

I had been wondering why the castle stocked Jager; I couldn’t really picture any of the 30+ year old customers of our getting tanked off shots of Jager while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Tonight, someone ordered Jager as an digestivo, while others ordered limoncello and espresso.

I was thoroughly boggled.

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  1. ssp

    Huh, ‘Respectable’?!
    Jägermeister has been around for ages and is considered rather unfashionable (just look at the bottle/label design…). Only recently it hat become rather ‘hip’ and popular with the young ones in the US and UK. For reasons I can’t quite understand – I blame marketing and the fact that English speakers are thrilled by exotic letters such as ä…
    P.S. Some tag must have gone wrong on this post. Its text sits in the side bar.

  2. Well, this was a 40+ year old italian…hmm.
    And I’ll see if I can fix the problem. I see it as showing up normally.

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