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I am Jack Spicer’s inflated ego.

How far can one man push the nation’s most accommodating hotel?
By Jack Spicer

I am not Jack Spicer. I am actually a decent guy, meek and apologetic. Jack is my alter ego. He’s pushy, difficult–the polite term is particular. Jack gets what he wants, and he wants like there’s no tomorrow. He is a hotel concierge’s nightmare. I, on the other hand, feel bad asking for the free shoeshine. But I was tired of saying “please” and “sorry.” I wanted to release my inner Jack. And I knew where we had to go: the Mansion on Turtle Creek, in Dallas, rated the nation’s top hotel for service in T&L’s annual readers’ poll.

Good service means getting what you want when, where, and how you want it. Great service never makes you feel guilty for asking, even when you’re out of your spoiled mind.

Putting the Mansion to the test, Jack and I subjected the staff to demands realistic and ridiculous. Then, for the sake of comparison, we checked into a mammoth chain hotel–let’s call it the Gargantua. Here’s how we fared.

Note: Article located half way down page, past list of hotels.

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