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The Full Vermonty

I now belong to BU’s best club:  The Freedom Van Riders.

This last weekend, we took a van and cruised all over Vermont in search of food, drink, and debauchery.   (There might have also been some petty political-sign theftage…but hey, it comes with the club)  You can check out all the pictures in the photo album, and there will be some food reviews comin up soon.  Right now I’m gettin some midterm-related-work done.

Some trip highlights:

Ben and Jerry’s Factory


The Vermont Country Store (which is, by the way, really overpriced, but filled with neat stuff)


Our Fearless Leader and Pilot, Beano


The Whole Gang


Freedom Van rocked my face off!!

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Schwing? Ming!


I am alive and well.

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  1. got to your site from my sister’s blog (olivia)… I’ve read like half the books on your reading list! 😉 big foodie myself though I haven’t written in my food blog for a long time… I *love* jeffrey steingarten’s work – have you read his second book? I haven’t started it yet it’s just sitting on my shelf for now. 🙂 Also have you considered Fast Food Nation? though the beginning is less about food, it’s still really interesting

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