Now, I know this is not a new thing. “Mom ‘n Pops” places have been around forever. The thing is, I’ve never worked in one.

Donatella is the chef. You know that. Her husband, Luca, helps run the castle. What you may not know, is that half the staff is in their family.

Donatella’s sister, Bianca, is at the castle almost every afternoon. When the restaurant gets busy, her daughter comes in.

When we get ~really~ busy (read: 8-20 people), Donatella’s father and mother come in. So, on any giver night, we could have Donatella, her sister, her niece, her mother and her father, all in the same kitchen.

Let me put this simply. I could never do that.

(And while I’m sort of on the subject, I sort of miss the days that I worked in restaurants that served 100-250 every night. Here, hustling is “ohmygod 3 tables just sat down at once!!!” Not that thats a bad thing, but chaos can be kinda fun, sometimes.)

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