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Thomas Henkleman Photo Review (potential video-podcast-HD-something maybe soon)


Easter In CT.  No room for a tripod, so I had to handhold the food shots.

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Delectible sangria at Meigas in Norwalk.  The meal that followed was not only as good as I expected, but better than I’d hoped.  Menu descriptions for now — in depth dissertations later.

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Thomas Henkelmann: A Birthday Photo Review

Tonight (December 26th, 2006), was Cynthia Gates Baber’s (my mom’s) 50th birthday.  To celebrate such an auspicious occasion, we decided to dine at the best restaurant between NYC and Boston.

It was outstanding.


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Ho Ho Ho. . .some photos to go….(merry christmas!)

Well, I’ve been having a very merry (and rainy) holiday so far.  The gods of Christmas were quite kind this year and bestowed upon me a wonderful new Canon Rebel Xti.  Hopefully at some point I’ll actually learn to use it correctly, but until then, let the amateur pics reign free!


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