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Crazy week

Well it has been a nutty week, and I finally had some time to upload some pictures from last week.  I might put some pics up from the Mr./Miss BU pageant, but who knows…



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Dumplings and Drumsticks



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HF423 begins with a bang. (a porky bang)

Why does that sound so wrong?

Anyway, today was the first cooking session of HF 423 (Nutritional & American Regional).  We made some delicious (so what if ours was rare?  bring on the trichinosis) pork and red snapper.

It’s great to see lots of familiar faces, and even better to see such wonderful plating.  {Just kidding, I like you guys better than the food….}

But without further ado, the money shots from today, some of which were taken by Vince and Talia.


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BU SHA HF 422: The Seafood Module Comes to a Close

Everyone really stepped up today.  Every plate was absolutely stunning.  I’m glad I’m behind the camera and not competing with these plates.  I’m not sure if I could keep up.

Damn fine work today.


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BU SHA HF 422 HDR (Roasting and Bag-Baking)


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BU SHA HF 422 HDR (Fish and Chips Day!)


Shrimp Spring Rolls


Fish ‘n Chips

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Thomas Keller Visits BUSHA


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College Cooking Class

During the school year, two days a week I drag my booze-riddled, sleep-deprived brain off the pillow at around 6:55 AM, put shoes on and head out into the wonderful (year-round, I hear) Boston weather.  After a quick stop at Shaw’s to meet up with my fellow TA, George, we plod into the still empty and (hopefully) cool BU SHA kitchen.


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