Well folks, you ain’t gettin exactly what I promised, but you will get at least a little bit.

I seem to have lost the spark that got this website started (or maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m now surrounded by 20,000 college age girls…..), but it’s been harder and harder to remember to take pictures during meals, and even when I do, it seems like a chore to write about it. I don’t like that, and if I don’t like it, the writing is poor, and you don’t like that. Now, this doesn’t mean that those of you who have been sending bribes should stop, but I’ll have you know I can’t be bought! (*wink wink* Email me for the new mailing address.)

Anywho, I figured I would start by letting you know about some of the meals that I was able to chronicle during my brief tenure in HOTlanta. First, I had the pleasure of dining at the amazing Bazzaar. The other review is of Harold’s Barbecue, a long time Atlanta institution. My attorney has advised me that I suggest this site be enjoyed responsibly, else it induces astronomic weight gain from attempting to emulate my gluttony.

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