So today, I woke up at the early hour of…11pm. I was told 8 people were coming for lunch, and I had to get ready. I walked outside, blinking in the bright 85 degree sun, and meandered up to the kitchen, which is usually cool at this time in the day.

Not today, folks. Today, in July, we had a roaring fire going. All day. With lots and lots of wood. For tonight, we would be serving Lamb Grilled over Coals. I’m sure the guests were excited, but damn, it got hot in there.


Now, the lamb was basically just a bunch of bones with some little pieces of meat attached, but it ended up being mighty tasty. From what I could tell, Oscar (Donatella’s father, pictured), just put salt, pepper, some garlic oil, and rosemary on it.


Then he stuck the pieces in a great big metal cage, and raked a bunch of hot coals under it. Flip once, and serve.

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